What's New in This Release

The PCoIP Software Client for macOS 3.7.0 introduces the following features and enhancements:

Improved Connection Workflow

The connection flow has been improved in several ways:

  • Connections can now be saved at any stage: You can now save a connection at any point in the connection process. Users are no longer required to save at the end of a connection setup, after all selections have been made. This allows greater flexibility in how saves are used, including allowing administrators to pre-configure connections.

  • User names in saved connections can now be changed: The username in a saved connection can now be modified. If an administrator distributes a saved connection with the software client, end users can add their usernames and re-save the connection, which will remember them in the future.

    Alternatively, a single saved connection could be used for multiple usernames, which may be useful for an administrator managing a large number of remote desktops which have different logins for the same connection manager.

  • Single-desktop users are now connected immediately: If an end user only has access to a single desktop, that desktop is automatically selected and the connection is made immediately. These users are no longer presented with a desktop selection screen.

Improved Distribution Tools

  • Pre-configured connections: Using the new partial save feature, administrators can pre-configure connection information as a saved connection and bundle it with the client application. For example, administrators can save a connection with the FQDN of the PCoIP Connection Manager preset, and distribute the save with their deployed clients. End users in this case would skip past the domain screen and directly to their user authentication screen.

Client Usability Improvements

  • Simplified User Interface: The client user interface has been streamlined and simplified. For example, users no longer have to check a box to connect to a PCoIP Remote Workstation Card.