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What's New in This Release

The PCoIP Software Client for macOS 23.01 introduces the following features and enhancements:

  • Connection Health Indicator: This release introduces a new Connection Health Indicator to the Software Client for macOS. This feature allows users to monitor the health of an active PCoIP session, including live statistics for frame rate, network packet loss, and network latency. See Connection Health Indicator for more information.

  • Collaboration: A new Collaboration manager replaces the collaboration management console, providing an improved interface and streamlining the process of generating and accepting collaborators. The collaboration manager displays a list of connected users, and allows the session owner to enable or disable input control for collaborators during the session.

    Important: All session monitors are shared

    Note that all of the session owner's monitors that are in the PCoIP session will be shared when collaborating. In windowed mode or fullscreen one monitor mode, this will be the a single display. In fullscreen all monitors mode, all screens are shared.

    For more information, see the PCoIP agent guide for your host system:

  • Interface Improvements: Continued improvements have been added to the Software Client for macOS:

    • You can now set the client to remember your username on the client authentication page.

    • The domain name is now visible on the authentication page, making it clear what domain you're logging into.

    • A new Desktop info option has been added to the desktop selection screen. This feature allows you to view information about the remote desktop, such as its resource name, ID, and available protocol. See Viewing Information About Your Desktops for more information.

  • Smoother video playback with AVLock when using High Performance (Legacy) mode.

  • Wacom Tablet Force Proportions: You can now enable the Tablet Force Proportions feature of your Wacom tablet in a PCoIP session to constrain the horizontal and vertical proportions of your display to the proportions of the tablet. For more information, see Tablet Force Proportions.

  • Bug fixes and stability enhancements.