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Using Saved Connections

Once you have saved a connection, you can use it to reconnect easily.

To reconnect using your saved connection:

  1. Click the button for the saved connection. The button label displays the connection name you assigned when you configured the connection. Alt Text
  2. To see the connection address, hover your mouse over the saved connection. Hovering over a saved virtual desktop will also show the desktop name. Alt Text
  3. To edit or delete a saved connection, click the configure button on the right, and then select the desired option from the popup menu. Alt Text
  4. If you have saved multiple connections, click the desired one to reconnect. If you have multiple saved connections use the search bar to locate the connection and scroll down to find it. Alt Text
  5. Any time you wish to connect to a new workstation, just click NEW CONNECTION to return to the main screen, and then enter the connection details.

Filtering through your saved connections

You can use the search bar to now filter saved connections based on there connection names. Alt Text