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PCoIP Software Client for Linux Release Notes

Release Overview

These release notes provide a summary of key additions, compatibility notes, resolved issues, and known issues for the PCoIP Software Client 3.8.1 for Linux.

What's New in This Release

Connectivity to Amazon Workspaces with Multi-Factor Authentication

PCoIP Software Clients can now connect to Amazon Workspaces without requiring PCoIP Connection Manager for Amazon Workspaces. Additionally, the client supports multi-factor authentication when connecting to Amazon Workspaces.

Session Takeover Behavior Change

A slight behaviour change has been made to the session takeover feature. If a client connects to a remote desktop that is already connected to another client, the previous connection is closed and a new connection is established with the new client.

Previously the remote desktop window on the first client would fade to black when the connection is closed and a dialog informed the user "You have been disconnected because you logged in from another location". The dialog now remains but the remote desktop window is closed immediately.

Enhanced Security and Stability

This release contains improvements and enhancements around the security and stability.

Release Downloads

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Release History




3.8.1February 2019GA release



Supported Clients

PCoIP Software Client Linux

Supported Hosts

Teradici Cloud Access Software agents
PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards

Resolved Issues


Known Issues