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PCoIP Software Client for Linux Release Notes

Release Overview

These release notes provide a summary of key additions, compatibility notes, resolved issues, and known issues for the PCoIP Software Client 19.05 for Linux.

What's New in This Release

PCoIP Ultra

Teradici have introduced an update to the PCoIP protocol with PCoIP Ultra. It includes our latest protocol enhancements, offering uncompromised 4K/UHD throughput, efficient scaling across multicore CPUs and support for third-party codecs. For more information on PCoIP Ultra, see PCoIP Ultra.

System Libraries Now Used for OpenSource Packages

In this release of the Software Client for Linux, system libraries are being used for certain opensource packages. For more information, see System Libraries.

Enhanced Security and Stability

This release contains improvements and enhancements around the security and stability of the Software Client.

Release Downloads

Release History

Version/Build Date Description
3.8.0 February 2019 GA release
19.05 May 2019 GA release


Supported Clients
PCoIP Software Client Linux
Supported Hosts
Teradici Cloud Access Software agents
PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards

Resolved Issues


Known Issues