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Scripted Installations

The PCoIP Agent can be installed onto the desktop programmatically, without using a graphical interface. The installation will proceed silently and the system will reboot when finished.

Scripted installation requires access to the Windows Command Prompt or PowerShell.

To install the PCoIP Agent via a script:

  1. Connect to the desktop using RDP or the hypervisor's console tool.

  2. Copy the agent installer file to the desktop.

  3. Run the agent installer using one of the following methods:

    • Windows BAT: Open a Windows command line tool and enter the following:

          start /WAIT <path_to_installer> /S /NoPostReboot
          echo %ERRORLEVEL%
      ...where <path_to_installer> is the system filepath of the installer file.

    • Windows PowerShell: Open a PowerShell window and enter the following:

          $process = Start-Process -FilePath <path_to_installer> ArgumentList "/S /NoPostReboot _?<path_to_installer>" -Wait -PassThru; $process.ExitCode
      ...where <path_to_installer> is the system filepath of the installer file.

    When finished, the installer will return one of the following process return codes:

    code description
    0 success
    1 installation aborted by user (user cancel)
    2 installation aborted due to error
    1641 success, reboot required

asd <!-- 1. Run the pcoip-register-host.ps1 script:

    C:\Program Files\Teradici\PCoIP Agent\pcoip-register-host.ps1 [ProxyServer &lt;String&gt;] [ProxyPort &lt;String&gt;] RegistrationCode &lt;String&gt; [&lt;CommonParameters&gt;]


* `-RegistrationCode` sets the registration code to use.
* `-ProxyServer` sets the address of your proxy server, if you have one.
* `-ProxyPort` sets the port number of your proxy server, if you have one.

!!! important "Important: PowerShell execution policy"

    PowerShell scripts must be permitted to run on your machine. If your execution policy prevents pcoip-register-host.ps1 from running, you can temporarily enable PowerShell script execution with the following command:

        powershell.exe InputFormat None ExecutionPolicy Bypass Command .\pcoip-register-host.ps1

Note: NVIDIA Capture SDK is automatically enabled

Note: Desktop user interfaces will only be available using PCoIP

Once installed and running, the PCoIP Graphics Agent for Windows takes over the graphics subsystem which is then unavailable to hypervisors. You can only view the graphical user interface when connecting with a PCoIP client.

For example, you cannot view an ESXi virtual machine console through VSphere; you must connect to the machine using PCoIP.

Tip: Record FQDN and IP Addresses for direct connections

PCoIP clients require explicit connection information when connecting directly to PCoIP Agents. If you will be accepting direct connections to this desktop, be sure to note its FQDN and Public IP address for use by connecting clients.

Registering a License

If you are using the Teradici Cloud Licensing service, you can register the agent's license by executing the pcoip-register-host PowerShell script:

    pcoip-register-host.ps1 -RegistrationCode <YourRegistratonCode>

For help with additional licensing configuration, such as proxy settings, type the following command in a PowerShell window:

    get-help pcoip-register-host.ps1

*** Should we include Local license server instructions here? ***

For information on licensing your PCoIP Agent with a local license server or with Cloud Licensing, see Licensing the PCoIP Agent.