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Downloading cac

The following section outlines how to download the installer files for the Anyware Connector. First, connect to the machine and download the Connector files. The commands below will download the Anyware Connector archive, and extract it.

You need to ensure that you have a customer account created on to access the download information.

Downloading the Installer from

The following steps outline the current process that enables you to download the installer directly from as a tar.gz file or else run the shell script from

  1. SSH into the machine:
    ssh <username>@<server-ip-address>
  2. Download the installer from Teradici:
  3. Unpackage the installer:
    • Previously the installer was extracted into the ~/v2connector directory. This location has now changed. Run the following command to extract the installer to /usr/sbin/:
      sudo tar xzvf <PATH TO FILE>/cloud-access-connector_<version>_Linux.tar.gz -C /