Cac token

You are required to have a Connector token when installing the connector. You need to create or have created a deployment prior to obtaining a token. For information on how to log into the Admin Console, see here. The following section outlines how to obtain a Cloud Access Connector token using the Admin Console:

  1. Click Connectors from the console sidebar.
  2. Click the add connector button (+ sign located beside Connectors heading) to display the connector creation panel.
  3. Enter the following information:
    • Select the deployment you want to add the Connector to. If you do not have an existing deployment you need to create one.
    • Enter the name of the Connector.
    • Follow the step by step instructions outlined below. Alt Text
  4. Click GENERATE.
  5. Copy the Connector token by click the copy icon.
  6. Click CLOSE the exit the panel.

You can now use this Cloud Access Connector token when prompted during installation.