Configuring Initial Setup Parameters

Before you use your Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client for the first time, you need to configure initial setup parameters, including setting basic audio, network, and session information.

You can perform this initial setup from the AWI Initial Setup page, shown next.

AWI Initial Setup page

The following parameters display on the AWI Initial Setup page:

Audio Parameters

Parameter Description

Enable HD Audio

Enables audio support on the client.
  Info: Configuring other audio parameters

You can configure other audio parameters from the OSD and AWI Audio pages. To configure audio parameters from these pages, see Configuring Audio.

Network Parameters

Parameter Description

Enable DHCP

Enables DHCP (as opposed to using manual IP address configuration)

IP Address

Device’s IP address

Subnet Mask

Device’s subnet mask


Device’s gateway IP address

Primary DNS Server

Device’s primary DNS IP address

Secondary DNS Server

Device’s secondary DNS IP address

  Info: You can also configure network settings from the OSD and AWI Network pages

You can configure the initial setup settings, as well as other network settings, from the OSD and AWI Network pages. To configure network settings from these pages, see Configuring Network Settings.

Session Parameters

Parameter Description

Identify Host By

Specifies the host identify method

Host IP Address

Specifies the host IP address

Host MAC Address

Specifies the host MAC address.

You can set the host MAC address to 00-00-00-00-00-00 to ignore this field when a session starts.

To configure initial setup parameters from the AWI:

  1. From the AWI, select Configuration > Initial Setup.
  2. From the AWI Initial Setup page, configure audio, network, and session parameters.
  3. Click Apply to save your configuration.

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