Logging into the AWI

To log into the Administrator Web Interface web page for a host or client:

  1. From an Internet browser, enter the IP address of the host or client. The IP address may be a static or dynamic address, depending on how the IP addresses are determined within your IP network:
  1. From the Log In page, enter the administrative password. The default value is blank (i.e., "").

AWI Log In Page

  1. To change idle timeout (the time after which the device is automatically logged off), select an option from the Idle Timeout drop-down menu.
  2. Click Log In.

Note: Some networks using DHCP may be able to access the AWI using the PCoIP device name.

Note: Some PCoIP devices have password protection disabled and do not require a password to log in. You can enable or disable password protection through the security settings on the MC's Manage Profiles page.

If configured in the firmware defaults, the Initial Setup page appears the first time you log in. You can configure audio, network, and session parameters on this page. After you click Apply, the Home Page appears for each subsequent session. This page provides an overview of the device status.

If a warning message appears when you try to log in, then a session is already in progress on that device. Only one user can log into a device at one time. When a new session logs in, the current session is ended and the previous user is returned to the Log In page.