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Teradici Announces Cross-Platform Support for PCoIP Workstation Access Software

Company Provides Broader Base of End Users the Freedom to Work from Anywhere with Instant Access to Rich Computing Resources on Any Brand of Workstation

BURNABY, British Columbia, February 10, 2015 - Teradici® today announced cross-platform support for its popular PCoIP® Workstation Access Software to enable a broader base of end users the freedom to work from anywhere with instant access to rich computing resources and CAD/CAM applications on their workstation of choice.

The software is ideally suited to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in architecture, construction, engineering and manufacturing with limited IT resources, and departmental deployments in enterprises of any size.  It can be installed in just minutes for a seamless, ultra-secure remote connection from any compatible device (laptop, tablet, etc.) within a company’s existing IT infrastructure on any brand of workstation.  Whether from a conference room, home office or on-the-go, mobile workers will enjoy the same outstanding visual computing experience as if they were sitting in the office at their desks.

Today’s news marks the next phase of Teradici’s global rollout of PCoIP Workstation Access Software, which commenced with support for Dell’s portfolio of  Precision tower and rack workstations in August 2014.

“Together with Teradici, Dell has put tools in the hands of IT to mobilize workstation users that rely on CAD/CAM applications in their day-to-day work, with phenomenal results,” said Andy Rhodes, executive director for Dell Precision workstation solutions.  “For both companies, it’s a natural next step to unlock the potential of PCoIP Workstation Access Software for mobile and remote workers in heterogeneous computing environments at SMBs and enterprise companies.”

In keeping with its go-to-market strategy, Teradici is recruiting and enabling partners to resell PCoIP Workstation Access Software on additional workstation platforms. Its newest partner is BOXX Technologies, a leading provider of high-performance workstations. Compatible with BOXX’s full line-up of workstations, the software is available now directly from BOXX and its network of channel partners. This week during SolidWorks World 2015 BOXX is demonstrating PCoIP Workstation Access Software at Booth #307. 

“We’re excited to join our ecosystem partners in bringing the benefits of PCoIP Workstation Access Software to a broader base of end users across multiple workstation platforms,” said Jayesh Shah, vice president of product management at Teradici. “In the era of BYOD, employees have become accustomed to working anywhere, anytime on practically any device. Untethered from their physical workstations, users can now connect to their workstation of choice from any compatible end point to review, edit and present their work, virtually anywhere. We’re delighted to welcome BOXX as sales channel partner for PCoIP Workstation Access Software.”

“BOXX is pleased to expand our long time partnership with Teradici to deliver a secure, responsive, scalable software solution that enables creative professionals and engineers to easily access project data and applications on high performance APEXX workstations from anywhere in the world,” said Shoaib Mohammad, vice president of marketing and business development at BOXX “PCoIP Workstation Access Software is an excellent match for BOXX customers, offering management a powerful way to unleash greater workforce productivity and creativity that’s also simple for IT to deploy and manage.”

The latest PCoIP Workstation Access Software release allows IT management and end users to rapidly get up and running with remote visualization with no impact to their current deployment architecture and no need to come up-to-speed on new IT management tools. It can also serve as a successful entry point for migration to future Teradici PCoIP Remote Access Software releases for virtualized or physical workstations in the data center, or the Teradici PCoIP Remote Workstation Card for high performance tower or rack workstations.

Today, Teradici’s software is ideal for deskside deployments, enabling remote access to the user’s physical workstation from any location, while ensuring local native performance at their desk.  Key benefits include:

  • High quality images: The leading Teradici PCoIP protocol compresses and encrypts pixels to enable outstanding remote workstation performance.
  • Remote access from anywhere: Highly flexible solution supports remote access from any compatible end point.
  • Ultra-secure access: PCoIP technology transmits and encrypts pixels, not data, providing assurance to IT that corporate IP will be protected against data loss or theft.
  • Direct connect: Easy to deploy without the need to set up of a third party broker.
  • Local collaboration: Any local workstation user can share their screen with one remote user leveraging the same Windows OS account.
  • Application-independent: PCoIP technology sends pixels from the displays, regardless of the applications being used and types of content being generated.
  • Broad client support: The software connects seamlessly with Teradici PCoIP Software Clients (Windows OS and Mac OS) and PCoIP Zero Clients, with support for additional end points planned for future releases.
  • High performance 3D:Optimized for NVIDIA K2000 GPU or higher (GRID SDK 2.2), the software is compatible with any discrete GPU (e.g., AMD, NVIDIA) and runs on the latest 3D APIs (OpenGL and DirectX), enabling end users to remotely access the most demanding 3D applications without sacrificing performance.

To learn more, visit PCoIP Workstation Access Software and download the 30-day Free Trial.

Pricing & Availability

Teradici PCoIP Workstation Access Software is priced at MSRP US$199, plus US$40 for a one-year product support and maintenance agreement, which includes free software upgrades (major and minor releases). The software is available for purchase today from BOXX Technologies and on new and existing workstations. Customers can also purchase the software through BOXX’s network of channel partners, and Dell channel partners.  

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PCoIP remote display technology resolves the challenges of managing, maintaining and securing enterprise workstations by compressing and encoding the entire workstation experience. Pixels are then transmitted over a standard IP network to compatible PCoIP end points. PCoIP solutions offer a high-fidelity workstation experience to end users while increasing collaboration, productivity and security.

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