Zero Clients & PCoIP Hardware Accelerator Scale
Audio-Video Learning for School-Wide Delivery

Village Green Virtual Charter School uniquely combines a brick-and-mortar environment with online instruction from PhD-level subject experts. Teachers focus on guiding the progress of each student with skill-gap intervention techniques. Each student learns at their own pace, and can fully explore areas of interest while completing subject.

"Village Green’s fully virtualized classrooms represent a game-changer for public education. Students at Village Green are moving through curriculum faster, fully exploring subject matter, and achieving high rates of academic proficiency when compared to their performance in their former schools. Other educators are watching this blended-learning charter school with interest."

Dr. Robert Pilkington
Superintendant & Founder
Village Green Virtual Charter School


  • Online video-based curriculum delivery
  • High level of traffic and activity (100% of students can be online simultaneously)
  • Staying in budget (initial infrastructure build-out; x2 growth over first two years)


  • Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Teradici® PCoIP® Zero Clients
  • Teradici PCoIP Hardware Accelerator


  • Immersive experience: Technology disappears; students able to focus on and interact with subject matter
  • Capacity: Fluid audio and video to all clients from their VMs, simultaneously
  • Scalability: Affordable per-student costs and bandwidth capacity for doubling student body
  • Ease of management: Predictable (fixed-price) support, based on reliability, stability, and efficient remote management
  • Accelerated learning: Platform for innovative video-based curriculum, connecting students with world-class instructors