University Students Get Anytime-Anywhere Access
to High-end Apps with PCoIP Remote Workstations

Located in upstate New York, Binghamton University is a world-class institution that offers students a broad, interdisciplinary education with an international perspective and vibrant research programs. The University consists of six schools with more than 13,000 undergraduate and 3,000 graduate students.


"Before Teradici, students had to use a specific laboratory with systems that offered the advanced graphics capabilities they need for engineering and advanced science. PCoIP technology lets them have access to high- performance workstations anywhere, anytime."


Philip Valenta
System Administrator
Thomas J. Watson School
of Engineering and Applied Science
Binghamton University


  • Deploy a 22-workstation collaborative classroom with access to high-performance engineering applications
  • Cost-effectively support 300-seat VMware Horizon View environment with access to graphics applications
  • Deploy 46 Seat CAD Lab with limited desk space


  • Teradici® PCoIP® Remote Workstation Cards
  • PCoIP Zero Clients
  • Teradici PCoIP Management Console
  • VMware® Horizon™ with View™


  • Simplified management:Fast and easy to update and students require little or no support
  • Flexible remote access to applications: Students can work on projects from anywhere
  • High performance:Delivers high application performance remotely, even on bandwidth-limited networks
  • Zero client energy efficiency: No fans or hard drives made classrooms cooler and quieter, thus reducing HVAC requirements