UMass Lowell Transforms Labs & Learning
with Virtual Infrastructure and Zero Clients

UMass Lowell prepares students for work in the real world— solving real problems and helping real people. Highly accredited programs, a focus on experiential hands-on learning, and personal attention from an accomplished faculty and staff have earned UMass Lowell numerous distinctions as a premier university.

"…Zero clients are a really positive change for all of us, including our faculty members that used to manage their own labs. Without increasing our staff, we can remotely manage their clients and let them focus on their core competencies that make UMass so great."

Steve Athanas
Director of Platforms &
Systems Engineering
University of Massachusetts Lowell


  • Rapid growth: goal of 20,000 students by 2017/2018 school year
  • Geography: One campus with two geographically separated clusters
  • Flexibility: rapid switch-over from lab to test-taking configurations
  • Productivity: offloading faculty from lab support tasks


  • VMware View Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Teradici® PCoIP® Zero Clients


  • Flexible learning: Instant labs in classrooms; homework labs easily switched for testing; more convenient access for department applications
  • Faculty focus: Lab support shifted to IT; former lab administrators and faculty able to focus on core competencies (teaching, research)
  • Scalability: Infrastructure now positioned for University’s growth targets
  • IT efficiency: Easier-to-deploy desktops and accelerators, and central console help streamline IT tasks