Toyota Motorsport, GmbH boosts productivity in a
secure, high-end CAD/CAM/CAE environment

Toyota Motorsport, GmbH (TMG) is a one-stop shop for specialized engineering services tailored to the needs of high-profile clients around the world, including members of the Toyota Motor Corp. family. Its migration from local UNIX to flexible Windows-based remote workstations dramatically streamlines support and improves user computing experiences.

"With the Teradici PCoIP Remote Workstation Solution, our workstations are more secure and flexible, providing an increased level of IT support, better efficiency and productivity for our staff."


Per Nordqvist
IT Service Delivery Manager
Toyota Motorsport GmBH


  • Outdated local UNIX workstations
  • 24-hour repair/replacement time
  • Stringent security (confidential client designs)


  • Migration from UNIX to Windows in the data center
  • Centralized data
  • Teradici® PCoIP® Remote Workstation Solution and Teradici PCoIP Zero Clients


  • Comfortable office environment: Less ambient heat and noise, for a more pleasant and productive workplace
  • Increased security: Data locked inside the data center; strict USB device control
  • System flexibility and scalability: On-boarding new employees or consultants in a matter of minutes (zero client desktops, remote workstation host cards)
  • Improved IT efficiency: Hardware issues can be resolved in less than 5 minutes