Very Easy-to-Deploy PCoIP Zero Clients and
Softphones Optimize Call Center Operations

Tungsten Revenue Consultants deliver turnkey, patented, enterprise-grade consumer management, monetization, and retention solutions by leveraging the most cutting-edge, world-class technology on each client’s behalf. Tungsten’s proprietary technology facilitates back-office commerce and transaction processing for financial institutions, retailers, and direct-to-consumer commerce.


"I was expecting voice quality to be inferior or equal, but everyone said, ‘Wow, this is so much better.’ Teradici and CounterPath pass through the quality of the new headsets with absolutely no hindering of sound."


Neil Groulx
Director of IT
Tungsten Revenue Consultants


  • Increasing management complexity for aging PCs and hard phones in the call center
  • Quality of customer service directly dependent on performance of call center desktop solution
  • Any call center downtime degrades customer service as well as company reputation


  • VMware ® Horizon Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • PCoIP® Zero Clients
  • CounterPath Bria® Virtualized Edition Softphone


  • Excellent user experience: Exceeded call center agent expectations in terms of easy operation, performance, and audio quality
  • Ease of deployment: Auto-discovery shortens set-up time compared to legacy systems and hard phones
  • IT time savings: Updates and changes deployed to all call center desktops and phones with a single click, cutting down station deployment and maintenance times by up to 75% compared to legacy PCs and hard phones
  • Resiliency: Elimination of hard phones and replacing PCs with zero clients improves endpoint security and greatly reduces localized failures