PCoIP Technology Transforms Trading Floor
Into More Agile, Secure, Collaborative Workspaces

"When it came to the relocation of the trading floor, the fundamental architecture of our end-to-end PCoIP solution meant that we could move 250 users to a new building in one evening with zero risk. The data and compute power sit securely in the computer center; we simply moved the PCoIP Zero Clients."

David Rule
Vice President, Technology
Amulet Hotkey Inc.
(Bank’s Technology Partner)


  • Safely relocate traders to a new building without disruptions, in a cost-effective and timely manner
  • Maximize productivity (boost compute power, and drive up to four displays per desktop)
  • Improve security, redundancy, and overall protection of business continuity


  • Amulet Hotkey DXM520 PCoIP Blade Workstations with four or eight video heads
  • Teradici® PCoIP® Zero Clients, with Amulet Hotkey quad-display innovations


  • Seamless user experience: The new quad-display PCoIP Zero Clients deliver the same performance and access to the remote applications as multiple under-the-desk PCs.
  • Improved security and availability: Only encrypted pixels are transmitted to the desktops; data resides on redundant hardware in the datacenter, with strict security and protection from failures.
  • Flexible, scalable architecture: New remote workstation hosts and zero client end-points position the bank to introduce desktop virtualization, boost compute power on the servers, and leverage other innovations.
  • Agile operations: Ability to rapidly undertake moves, adds, and change on the trading floors (including relocations).
  • Business continuity & compliance: Rapid recovery from loss; access controls for fail-over or remote location.