PCoIP Remote Workstation solution powers immersive
environment for offshore operations simulators.

Offshore Simulator Centre AS (OSC) is the world’s most advanced provider of simulators for demanding offshore operations. Since its start in 2004, OSC has pioneered simulation of anchor handling, platform supply vessel operations, safer deck operations, and crane operations including oil rig, on-ship, and subsea lifting. OSC delivers its unique team-based training out of its headquarters in Norway, and also supports remote training centers implemented for customers in France, Singapore, Norway, and Australia.


"The PCoIP Remote Workstation Solution, with Host Cards and Zero Clients, is ideal. It doesn’t break the illusion, and that’s the goal of our simulators – to make you forget you are in a simulator."


Joel Alexander Mills
CEO, Offshore Simulator Centre


  • Supporting embedded workstations (cumbersome access; remote locations)
  • Access to very high-end GPUs from all endpoints (driving sophisticated 3D displays)
  • Avoiding distractions for trainees (noisy computers break the illusion)


  • Teradici® PCoIP® Remote Workstation Cards
  • Dell® P25 and P45 PCoIP Zero Clients


  • Quiet, cool operation: Fewer distractions, for a better user experience.
  • Ease of support: No software updates for endpoints, and more reliable operation.
  • Real-time performance: Pixel-only downloads drive high-speed imagery and high levels of interactivity for large teams of users.
  • Resource efficiency: GPUs can be centralized, remotely accessed, and therefore easily shared across multiple simulator stations.