PCoIP Hardware Accelerator in the Data Center
Optimizes Performance on Marshall County Desktops

Located in the state of Iowa, Marshall County is home to a population of more than 40,000 people. At the county seat in Marshalltown, the Marshall County Information Services team has responsibility for supporting the infrastructure that serves all County offices, including the Courthouse, 911 Communications Center, and County Sheriff’s office.

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"Teradici PCoIP Hardware Accelerator just works and is available when we need it. End users don’t know it’s there – it’s seamless. I just set it up and forget it. Our tests showed a 30-percent CPU reduction for video."

Jonathan Bailey, Systems Administrator
Marshall County


  • Desktop replacements did not meet every employee's needs
  • Video streaming performance was unacceptable in many use cases
  • Limited IT resources called for a standard solution to avoid complexity


  • Add a Teradici® PCoIP® Hardware Accelerator in the data center


  • Low cost: Affordable, dynamically shared add-on cards
  • Standardization: A single standard solution and configuration for all desktops
  • Employee satisfaction: Excellent video performance; transparent acceleration
  • IT efficiency: No touch support (set it and forget it)