Environmental Services agency exceeds employee
expectations with virtual desktop deployment

Omgevingsdienst Zuidoost–Brabant (ODZOB), a government agency in The Netherlands, provides environmental services for municipalities in the Southeast Brabant region. The agency manages licensing, supervision, and enforcement aimed at keeping public spaces safe, and offers a depth of knowledge and expertise that ensures quality services.

"There are thousands of seats with Teradici PCoIP technology in our region. I recommend it to anyone who needs a consistent desktop presence for their users, and an easy-to-manage user experience."

Remco Rinzema
Manager, ICT
Omgevingsdienst Zuidoost–Brabant
The Netherlands


  • Major organizational transformation
  • Management complexity (mix of fat/thin clients)
  • Cost sensitivity (total cost of ownership)



  • Easy, fast deployment: Simple unpack and plug-in for zero clients; easy infrastructure expansion and provisioning of new sites
  • Employee satisfaction: High performance for familiar applications including graphical and CPU-intensive programs; consistent user experience
  • Lower OPEX: No more troubleshooting endpoint failures; freed up one full-time engineer
  • Quiet, cool workplace: Noticeable noise reduction; 66-percent energy reduction for desktops
  • Security: Sensitive case data remains in the data center (never on local storage)