NATO Operations in Northern Europe Rely
on Secure, Resilient PCoIP Zero Clients

Northern European Command – Command and Control Information System (NEC CCIS) is an AIR C2 system with land and maritime functionality supporting operations at more than 40 European NATO sites. The NEC CCIS System Support Centre (SSC) develops and maintains custom software applications for the NEC CCIS while ensuring compliance with NATO and national operational and technical requirements.

NATO Operations

"Since the new PCoIP zero clients have no local storage, as soon as a session is disconnected, the client is no longer classified. Employees don’t have to worry about locking doors or removing and locking up hard drives."


Jan-Arve Hansen
IT Architect
NEC CCIS System Support Center (SSC)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)


  • Secure, resilient access for remote, distributed user base
  • Increasing end-user and IT productivity
  • Scalability across multiple sites, with central management


  • Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Teradici® PCoIP® Zero Clients


  • Ease of deployment, configuration: Compared to traditional workstations, zero clients speed set-up
  • Elimination of OS on desktops: Simplified support of desktops; faster OS updates (data center)
  • Boosted security: Pixel-only downloads (no eavesdropping); no local hard drives
  • Scalability: Central support team can manage growing base of application users; hardware acceleration options available, if needed