Manufacturer Lowers OPEX with Secure
Zero Clients and Virtual Desktops

Since 1950, Hatco Corporation has been a leader in the foodservice industry. The company’s portfolio includes equipment that improves efficiency, reliability and profits; all Hatco products handle the rugged demands of foodservice operations. In May of 2007, the employees of Hatco assumed 100 percent beneficial ownership of the company.

hatco building

"We can give our employees encrypted and secure access to our servers and workstations in a way that is very versatile and flexible for our business. Those qualities are what our users were looking for in our technological investments."

Aaron Bolthouse
Manager – IT Infrastructure
Hatco Corporation


  • Performance, for seamless end user experiences
  • Broad use cases, which span offices and wireless factory floor environments
  • Remote management, for in-state and out-of-country factories


  • Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Teradici® PCoIP® Zero Clients
  • Teradici PCoIP Software Clients and Remote Workstation Cards
  • Teradici PCoIP Management Console


  • Efficiency: A small IT organization deployed and now supports VDI and zero clients
  • Power reduction: Lower-power endpoints lowered utility bills
  • Productivity boosts: End users and IT waste less time on endpoint issues
  • Agility: Employees can work from anywhere, and are on a faster path to new technology