Integris Health deploys Teradici PCoIP Management
Console Enterprise Edition for centralized management
to deploy 7000 PCoIP Zero Clients and counting

INTEGRIS Health is Oklahoma’s largest health system with eight nonprofit hospitals, 168 clinics, and multiple rehabilitation centers, mental health facilities, independent living centers, and home health agencies throughout the state. With facilities distributed over a large geographic area, installing and managing physical desktops for 9,000+ employees was time-consuming and difficult. The IT team wanted to centralize desktop images and management. In 2015, the healthcare system’s new Epic Electronic Medical Record (EMR) initiative made VDI and central management a necessity.


"The Teradici PCoIP Management Console lets us manage everything through a single interface. Without it, we could never achieve our aggressive deployment goals."

Jorge Rodriguez
Manager of Systems Support and Datacenters
Integris Health


  • Deliver consistent desktops to meet the requirements of a new EMR application
  • Simplify desktop and image management
  • Deploy 7,000+ Zero Clients by 2017


  • Teradici PCoIP®Management Console Enterprise Edition
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with VMware® Horizon (with View™)


  • Fast deployment: enabled INTEGRIS to deploy its first 2,500 PCoIP Zero Clients within two months and to easily scale with future acquisitions of healthcare clinics.
  • Enhanced user productivity: users have a consistent interface across locations and devices, with their specific files and applications always available – ensuring higher uptime.
  • Multi-user management capabilities: allow IT team members to manage and update their deployments from a single, web-based console.
  • Reduce operational costs: centralized management capabilities save time and ensure rapid updates of all Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients. By implementing PCoIP Zero Clients, technicians have reduced PC administration time from hours to just minutes.