Federation of Students Delivers a "Wow" VDI User
Experience While Increasing Server Densities by
Leveraging Cost-Effective PCoIP Hardware Accelerators
for its endpoints

Since 1967, the Federation of Students has been the voice of undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo. The organization operates seven commercial services, nine student-run services, and oversees 200 student organizations and Orientation Week. The Federation’s Director of IT knew that Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) would greatly simplify desktop administration for staff computers. The challenge was delivering an outstanding user experience for 45 full-time and 30 part-time staff.


"Even with four more cores, we wouldn’t have had the same level of improvement as we did with the Teradici PCoIP Hardware Accelerators, and the cards were inexpensive for the value they delivered."

Brad Kane
Director of IT, Federation of Students
University of Waterloo


  • Significantly improve high-definition video performance and playback
  • Eliminate sluggish, choppy performance of desktop applications
  • Reduce CPU load on servers while ensuring an uninterrupted VDI experience


  • Teradici PCoIPi® Hardware Accelerators (Model: APEX 2800 LP)
  • Teradici PCoIP Management Console
  • Dell PowerEdge R720/30 servers
  • VMware Horizon® (with View)
  • Dell Wyse P25 Zero Clients
  • PCoIP Software Clients for Mac and Windows


  • Superior quality viewing experience improved video performance from fewer than 20 frames per second to consistent, 30-frame-per-second video delivery
  • Cost-effective: avoided purchasing additional CPU cores and achieved higher performance for less cost
  • Reduced CPU load: increased server density by 50 percent, and lower CPU loads also reduced power and cooling requirements
  • Better resiliency: if a host goes down, remaining servers continue to deliver high VDI environment performance