Engineering Company Mobilizes Mission-Critical
Applications and Improves Collaboration Through
VDI and PCoIP Hardware Accelerator

CSD Engineers is known for innovation in engineering. The company develops new ways of tackling a broad range of construction and environmental challenges, making it a valuable partner to its clients. CSD engineers often work onsite at client locations, and multidisciplinary teams collaborate across multiple locations. Mobility is a priority and a long-term strategy for CSD, so the company needed a way to improve remote productivity for its mobile engineers.


"We were able to optimize application responsiveness so that mouse usage for remotely hosted drawing applications is indistinguishable from locally hosted applications. Our young engineers love the VDI environment."

Benoit Noteris
Head of Infrastructure, IT Department
CSD Management SA


  • Increase enterprise mobility through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI) deployment
  • Standardize desktop images to simplify management
  • Deliver complex engineering, video, and visualization applications with excellent performance and responsiveness
  • Maximize WAN bandwidth utilization in spite of large file sizes


  • 24 Teradici® PCoIP® Hardware Accelerators for HP DL380 Gen8 Rack Servers (Model: APEX 2800 LP)
  • VMware® Horizon (with View™)


  • Performance: accelerated application performance and mouse responsiveness to be indistinguishable from locally hosted applications
  • Bandwidth savings: gained ability to send large files faster without having to add WAN bandwidth
  • CPU effectiveness: offloaded CPUs and maximized compute performance, enabling CSD to operate using 8-core servers instead of 12-core servers
  • Simplified mobility and collaboration: by enabling engineers to work remotely with easy access to high-performing complex applications