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COVID-19 is impacting many organizations worldwide as individuals are forced to work from home to protect public health. Teradici is committed to supporting companies through their search for a sustainable solution to enable their remote workforce quickly and easily. We are here as experienced advisors with guidance to help you maintain secure and uninterrupted operations during this global crisis.

Teradici Cloud Access Software can help onboard remote workers and connect to their desktops securely from home or wherever they are via PCoIP technology. We support any type of environment, including on-premises data centers, hybrid environments or public clouds, using any device, including zero clients, thin clients, laptops, PCs, Macs and tablets – whatever your employees have at home or prefer to use.


Remote Work: How to get started quickly using PCoIP technology

Learn how to quickly and easily help your employees work from home or wherever they are via remote desktops and workstations, using Teradici Cloud Access Software. Use any type of environment, such as on-premises, hybrid or public clouds, accessed from a variety of endpoint devices including zero clients, thin clients, laptops, PCs, Macs and tablets.

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