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Fast track and simplify your cloud migration to Google Cloud with virtual workstations. Teradici enables ultra-secure remote visualization of desktops and graphics-intensive applications from Google Cloud instances using the PCoIP protocol.

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Teradici Cloud Access Software provides high-performance remote visualization capabilities in Google Cloud Virtual Workstation instances to deliver high performance user experience for even the most graphics-intensive applications and workloads. Cloud Access Software is built on industry-leading PCoIP® technology, to securely deliver a rich and lossless user experience across all network conditions on a variety of desktop and mobile endpoint devices, including ultra-secure PCoIP Zero Clients. Teradici PCoIP technology compresses and encrypts the entire computing experience securely in the cloud and transmits only pixels to the endpoints – ensuring intellectual property and sensitive data never leave the cloud.


Teradici Cloud Access Software on Google Cloud Platform

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Media & Entertainment

Creatives need remote access with lossless distortion-free support, color accuracy and high frame rates.


Enable government IT solutions for uncompromised, ultra-secure access to highly-classified data.


Provide students and teachers with tools and training for success in the classroom, labs or remotely.


For high-performance grid computing, data analytics, security and compliance, DR, and more. Including support for Bloomberg keyboards.


Secure patient data, and consolidate among care providers, and link legacy applications and data with new technology.


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