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PCoIP Remote Workstation Card Requirements

The PCoIP Remote Workstation Card has few requirements other than being used in a host PC that supports PCIe x1 devices.

Host Requirements

Category Requirement Notes
Operating System Windows or Linux If using features requiring the Remote Workstation Card Software, the PC must be Windows or Linux based
Hardware Interface Available PCIe x1
  • Quad Remote Workstation Card requires FHHL
  • Dual Remote Workstation Card requires Low Profile
  • 13W power
  • GPU Video port At minimum, the same number of ports to match the number of monitors in your deployment (up to 4)
    Ports must support dual data rates to obtain maximum Remote Workstation Card resolution
    Resolution GPU must support the resolution used in your deployment (up to 3840x2160 @ 30 Hz)
    Video Port Cables miniDP to DP or miniDP to DVI High resolution configurations to a GPU with DVI ports may require active cables
    Remote Workstation Card Firmware Matching client release See release notes for compatible clients

    Connecting Monitors to your Workstation

    PCoIP sessions to Remote Workstation Cards when monitors are connected on the local workstation are not supported.

    4K Requirements

    Category Requirement Notes
    Firmware 4K firmware 20.01 or newer
  • 4K at 15 FPS full screen
    Firmware 20.01 - 23.06

  • 4K at 30 FPS full screen:
    Firmware 23.08 or newer
  • Model Mini DisplayPort model of a quad (TERA2240) or dual (TERA2220) Remote Workstation Card
    GPU The GPU on the workstation must support 4K UHD

    Bandwidth, Build to Lossless, and timing behavior

    • For the best user experience, a 1 Gb connection between the client and host is recommended

    • With 4K firmware, the Remote Workstation Card Build to Lossless feature is disabled when using 4K resolutions

    • 4K @ 60 Hz timings are not supported. The client will search for a 4K @ 30 Hz timing instead.