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System Requirements

The Standard Agent for Linux depends on the following system capacities and capabilities:

Supported Instance Types

VMware ESXi (6.0+) KVM AWS EC2 Microsoft Azure Google Cloud Platform
VMware Hardware Version 11 QEMU/KVM Any instance type
that meets the instance requirements
Any instance type
that meets the instance requirements
Any instance type
that meets the instance requirements

Host Instance Requirements

Global instance requirements
Operating Systems
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
    Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
  • RHEL/CentOS 7; RHEL or Rocky Linux 8
Remote Host Memory At least 2GB of RAM is required on the host desktop.
The agent should have at least 512MB of available memory.
Remote Host CPUs At least 2 CPUs are required on the host desktop.
Processors must support Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE) 4.2.
To use PCoIP Ultra, processors must support the AVX2 instruction set.
Network Ports The following ports must be open on the host desktop:
  • TCP 443
  • TCP 4172
  • UDP 4172
  • TCP 60443

Collaboration sessions require an open UDP port (default 64172)
Storage At least 100MB for installation and 100MB for logging are recommended.
User Cannot be root. You must create a user account for PCoIP connections.

Danger: Ubuntu 18.04 will be deprecated

This is the final release of the Standard Agent for Linux that will support Ubuntu 18.04. Future releases will not support Ubuntu 18.04.

Using a standalone physical PC

You can enable PCoIP connections to a standalone computer, without a discreet GPU, via the Standard Agent for Linux. Standalone physical PCs are currently not tested, but are expected to work. For more information and instructions, see HP Anyware Instructions for Standalone Computers in the Teradici Knowledge Base.

Note: Elastic GPU and other EC2 instances supported

The PCoIP The Standard Agent for Linux supports a variety of EC2 instances, including elastic GPU types such as eg1.large. Refer to Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs documentation for more information.