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About the PCoIP Graphics Agent for Windows

The Graphics Agent for Windows is part of Teradici Cloud Access Software. It enables Teradici customers to deliver GPU-powered physical and virtual workstations to end users via remote clients.

Users include high-end knowledge workers, graphic designers, artists, and CAD/CAM designers.

A deployed Graphics Agent for Windows requires these components:

  • A host machine which provides the desktop to remote clients. The host can be physical or virtual, in the cloud, or in a data center. See System Requirements for more information.
  • The Graphics Agent for Windows software installed on the host machine.
  • A GPU. The Graphics Agent is compatible with any GPU, but is optimized for NVIDIA GRID-compatible GPUs. It is also compatible with AMD FirePro GPUs as part of a technology preview program1

    The GPU can be dedicated to the workstation, or shared among virtual workstations by a hypervisor. See System Requirements for more information.

  1. AMD FirePro GPU support is currently available as technology preview. Be aware that the preview may have stability, compatibility, or other issues. Windows Server 2016 is not currently supported.