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System Requirements

The Graphics Agent for Linux depends on the following system capacities and capabilities:

Supported Host Instance Types

Environment Supported instance types
VMware ESXi (6.0+) VMware Hardware Version 11
Physical machines Linux physical machine1
  • G2
  • G3
  • G42
Microsoft Azure
  • NV-series
  • NVv3-Series
Google Cloud Platform Any instance with a supported GPU

Host Instance Requirements

Global instance requirements
Operating Systems
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, 18.04 LTS
  • RHEL/CentOS 7.5, 7.6
Remote Host Memory At least 2GB of RAM is required on the host desktop.
The agent should have at least 512MB of available memory.
Remote Host GPU Memory At least 1GB per 4K UHD display
Remote Host CPUs At least 2 CPUs are required on the host desktop.
Processors must support Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE) 4.2.
To use PCoIP Ultra, processors must support the AVX2 instruction set.
Network Ports The following ports must be open on the host desktop:
  • TCP 443
  • TCP 4172
  • UDP 4172
  • TCP 60443
Storage At least 100MB for installation and 100MB for logging are recommended.
User Cannot be root. You must create a user account for PCoIP connections.

Supported GPUs

Instance GPU Driver Driver download (Ubuntu) Driver download (RHEL)
VMware ESXi GPUs as listed in NVIDIA's GRID release notes. GRID 9.1 (430.46)+ Ubuntu Instructions RHEL Instructions
Physical PC
  • Tesla (any)
  • Quadro (2000+)
Use the latest driver for your supported GPU Ubuntu Instructions RHEL Instructions
AWS EC2 G2 NVIDIA K520 GRID 4.7 (367.128) Ubuntu Instructions RHEL Instructions
AWS EC2 G3 NVIDIA M60 GRID 9.1 (430.46)+ Ubuntu Instructions RHEL Instructions
AWS EC2 G4 NVIDIA T4 GRID 9.1 (430.46)+ Ubuntu Instructions RHEL Instructions
Microsoft Azure NVIDIA M60 GRID 9.1 (430.46)+ Ubuntu Instructions RHEL Instructions
Google Cloud Platform NVIDIA P4, P100, T4 GRID 9.1 (430.46)+ Ubuntu Instructions RHEL Instructions

Info: Display limitations on Microsoft Azure

Graphics Agents running on Microsoft Azure may be limited to a single 2560x1600 display, depending on the state of NVIDIA GRID licensing.

Note: NVIDIA Tesla cards have license limitations

Systems using NVIDIA Tesla-based GPUs, including M60, M10, and M6, are subject to licensing restrictions which may further reduce the available number of monitors or their available resolutions. For systems using Tesla-based GPUs, only licensed displays and resolutions will use GRID functionality. For more information, see NVIDIA’s Grid Licensing User Guide

  1. Installation on physical machines requires some additional configuration. See the extra installation instructions for Ubuntu and RHEL/CentOS

  2. AWS EC2 G4 instances must be configured with an NVIDIA GRID Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation license.