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3D Virtual Workstations set up doesn’t have to be so hard

  • Dates: 11 Feb, 2015


Alex Herrera
Senior Analyst
Jon Peddie Research
(also an author & a consultant)

Randy Groves

Wednesday, February 11, 2015, 10:00am PT | 1:00pm ET

Virtual workstation solutions are finally ready for prime time across a vast spectrum of graphics-intensive applications. Is your IT group ready?

Join us for a 45 minute technical Q&A session with Teradici CTO Randy Groves and Alex Herrera, Senior Analyst with Jon Peddie Research, author, and a consultant to the world’s leading computer graphics and semiconductor companies. Alex will provide an overview of where IT is headed, along with the latest models and trends for visual computing. 

Sign up for this insightful webinar as the industry workstation graphics and virtualization experts share:

  • The inherent benefits of VDI deployments or virtual workstation solutions
  • Why the time is now right for graphics-heavy, remote, virtualized computing
  • Important considerations when going virtual
  • What’s next on the horizon
  • Success stories and lessons learned from those who have deployed VDI 

Q&A will follow at the end of the session.

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  • “…our artists can achieve 100% color matching and take advantage of full-HD, lossless imaging over affordable IP networks.”

    Kevin Clark,
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  • “[It’s] easy to deploy, especially in the case of the Pivot3 appliance and Teradici-powered zero clients. It’s quick to plug it all in…it just works.”

    David Appleton,
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