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Cloud Access Manager

Introducing a cloud service that simplifies and automates deployments of Cloud Access Software, the leading PCoIP solution for remotely hosted enterprise applications. Cloud Access Manager enables highly-scalable and cost-effective Cloud Access Software deployments by managing cloud compute costs and brokering PCoIP connections to remote Windows or Linux workstations, all from a single console. Cloud Access Manager is a part of the Cloud Access and Cloud Access Plus subscription plans.

Simplify Cloud Access Software Deployments

Ease the deployment of Cloud Access Software on public cloud environments by using Cloud Access Manager to automatically provision new remote workstations. Tap into your exiting Active Directory services, eliminate manual configuration tasks and improve administrative efficiency. Cloud Access Manager is currently available on Microsoft Azure, making it an excellent choice for fast and easy Azure evaluations too.

Scale with your Business

Scale remote workstation resources up or down, effortlessly. Now OPEX will stay aligned with business demand as Cloud Access Manager provisions new Linux or Windows workstations and removes them once no longer required. Furthermore, the brokering capability of Cloud Access Manager facilitates secure connections between Active Directory users and remote workstations without users having to memorize machine names or IP addresses. Administrators can provide users access to one or many remote workstations as desired, easily modifying, adding, or removing user access as needed.

Decrease Costs and Manage Cloud Consumption

Actively control your up-time service charges for public cloud remote workstation by having Cloud Access Manager automatically turn off machines that are not in active use. When an user attempts to connect again, Cloud Access Manger simply starts up the remote workstation.

Always Secure

Enable Multifactor Authentication (MFA) as an added security mechanism. Of course, the mainstay security features of the PCoIP protocol such as AES-256 encryption and the PCoIP Security Gateway always provide a secure architecture independent of MFA settings.

Supported cloud environments Microsoft Azure
Supported PCoIP Agents Latest Standard Agent for Windows
Latest Standard Agent for Linux
Latest Graphics Agent for Windows
Provided operating system templates Windows Server 2016
Linux RHEL 7.x
Compatible clients Teradici PCoIP Software Clients for Mac, Windows or Chrome OS
PCoIP Mobile Clients for iOS and Android tablets
PCoIP Zero Clients
Supported browsers for the management interface Firefox, Chrome

Yes, please contact our sales team for trial access to Cloud Access Manager Technical Preview. Trial license keys are also available for the Cloud Access or Cloud Access Plus plan.

Cloud Access Manager is currently in Technical Preview and expected to be released in the first half of 2018.

Yes, Cloud Access Manager enables you to select your Microsoft Azure subscription to deploy virtual machines and Cloud Access Software.

The Cloud Access Manager is currently in Technical Preview and available as part of the Cloud Access and Cloud Access Plus subscription plans. See the pricing of these plans here.

Yes, Cloud Access Manager is a SaaS solution with a small component of minimal footprint that resides in your cloud subscription. Cloud Access Manager is a comprehensive solution for managing remote workstations in your infrastructure, bringing the best in performance, security, visibility, and control with minimal complexity.

Your remote workstations are resident in your own enterprise cloud subscription but are managed and brokered by Cloud Access Manager.  By keeping the remote workstations in your own subscription, you maintain full flexibility in machine configuration and get to control of key security aspects such as network connectivity and security groups.  This ensures you have ultimate cost control and cost visibility through both Cloud Access Manager and your enterprise cloud management portal.

Lightweight gateway and server components, called the Connection Service, are deployed in your subscription to provide the best-case flexibility, performance, and security. Teradici has no access to your data - it flows through servers in your subscription and not through the Connection Service. These server components contain no persistent data and can be simply deleted and re-deployed when needed. Cloud Access Manager configuration data is kept in a Key Vault and storage account in your subscription.

Cloud Access Manager currently supports Microsoft Azure remote workstation deployments. We plan to expand the supported environments in the future.

Currently Cloud Access Manager provides administrators with information on remote workstation user allocations and information on the current power state of the remote workstations to help you manage costs. Cloud Access Manager also allows for usage monitoring of your cloud resources, PCoIP connection monitoring, and the state of your virtual machines. It is also able to identify if machines are active, idle or offline.