Introducing Voice Unified Communications

Until now, enterprises running PCoIP zero clients did not have an option to deploy VoIP UC softphones. VoIP is a real time application, and thus is very sensitive to delays; sending VoIP packets from the end user’s headset to a cloud-based server in a remote location can result in significant latency. Furthermore, with each VoIP stream consisting of thousands of packets per second, sending all this media traffic to be processed by the virtual desktop server is simply not efficient, reducing the capacity of the server by 50% or more. For this reason, CounterPath and Teradici have partnered to provide the Bria Virtualized Edition solution, in which the media engine runs locally on the PCoIP zero client, ensuring that the media stream bypasses the server.


The Bria Virtualized Edition softphone includes support for voice calling, messaging, presence and contact management. It is compatible with a broad range of SIP-compliant environments, including Avaya, Cisco, and Mitel. The solution also includes CounterPath’s Stretto Platform™ Provisioning Module, which enables enterprises to efficiently manage Bria Virtualized Edition UC clients from the cloud.

Learn more about Bria Virtualized Edition.

Leverage your existing Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients with a simple firmware update to enable Unified Communications. PCoIP Zero Clients come in a variety of form factors and are available for over 30 manufacturers. Plus, you can efficiently manage all of your Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients from a single web console thanks to PCoIP Management Console.


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