Firmware Release 4.8.0 and PCoIP Management Console 1.10.5

PCoIP firmware release 4.8.0 is a minor release to provide fixes to known issues.
This release is available as a free download from Teradici and OEM partners.

For a complete set of Firmware 4.8.0 Release details, refer to 4.8.0 (15134-2568)

PCoIP Management Console 1.10.5

The PCoIP Management Console 1.10.5 release is a security update and is compatible with firmware 4.8.0. The file format provided on our support website includes both firmware 4.8.0 for Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients and firmware 4.7.1 for Tera2 PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards, and firmware 4.7.1 for Tera1 Zero Clients and Tera1 PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards.

For complete details see Teradici KB item: 15134-2796

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