The end-of-life process for PCoIP® Workstation Access Software has been initiated. We've aligned our Teradici strategy to bring the benefits of the cloud to customers like you.

We have a new option with expanded features for data center and cloud deployments. And, you can access the capabilities and rich user experience of PCoIP Workstation Access Software within a new product called Teradici Cloud Access Software Graphics Edition. This solution includes Windows and Linux support, and can be deployed by any public cloud providers, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure N-series or on-premises. Also, Cloud Access Software aligns with where the overall IT market is headed.

Apps and workloads are moving to the Cloud

It has been estimated that 92% of global data center traffic will come from the cloud by 2020, and yet already we see the cloud becoming the “new normal” when it comes to IT infrastructure.
Source: Whitepaper by Cisco Global Cloud Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2015-2020

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