The Promise of the Cloud… Delivered

Teradici Cloud Access Software gives you the power to deliver rich, cloud-based, user experiences across all network conditions. Built on trusted PCoIP® technology, Cloud Access Software makes it possible to seamlessly migrate new and legacy applications to any cloud.


Deliver Graphics-Intensive Applications from the Cloud

Create entire virtual workspaces, or make even the most graphics-intensive applications available from any cloud, public or private. Free people to work on a wide variety of devices—including laptops, tablets, and ultra-secure PCoIP Zero Clients — enjoy high-fidelity performance, rich user experience, and bullet-proof security.

Migrate Applications and Workloads Without Costly Re-writes

The benefits of the cloud are well understood. Few, however, truly understand how taxing a cloud migration project can be, particularly with legacy and proprietary apps. Cloud Access Software simplifies this process, giving you the power to migrate applications to public or private clouds, no re-writing, no re-engineering. Whether it’s a proprietary tool for creating realistic surfaces or an entire workspace, Cloud Access Software lets users access the same applications and workflows they are already familiar with, from anywhere and at any time.

Take Advantage of Cloud Flexibility

All the computing power and flexibility you will ever need is available in the cloud. Teradici Cloud Access Software can help you harness this power, scale resources and leverage global talent. Cloud Access Software supports hybrid and multi-cloud environments so you can combine private with public cloud infrastructure to handle data bursts.

Looking to create customized and differentiated cloud based solutions?

Checkout Teradici Cloud Access Platform


Teradici Cloud Access Software Specifications

Supported operating systems
Windows 10 64-bit
Windows 7 64-bit
Windows Server 2016
(Single User Session)
Windows Server 2008 R2
(Single User Session)
RHEL 7.2
CentOS 7.2
Ubuntu LTS 16.04
Compatibility with Hypervisors & Cloud VMware vSphere on 6.x (requires GPU for Graphics Edition)
KVM hypervisor with RHEL as guest OS (Standard Edition only)
Amazon Web Services including EC2/G2
Microsoft Azure, including NV-series (Windows only)
Compatible clients PCoIP Zero Clients running FW 5.1 or later
Teradici PCoIP Software Clients for Mac, Windows or Chrome OS
PCoIP Mobile Clients for iOS and Android tablets
Max display resolution Up to 4 monitors at up to 4K UHD resolution
(dependent on capabilities of GPU card and compatible PCoIP end points)
GPU compatibility for Graphics Edition Supports all brands of graphic cards
Optimized on NVIDIA GRID compatible GPUs
Software trial 60-day trial


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  • “Microsoft and Teradici are assuring that our customers stay at the cutting edge of performance for graphics accelerated applications in the Cloud.”

    Corey Sanders
    Microsoft Azure

  • “More organizations are looking to deliver line of business applications and services to their customers and this will enable them to do just that.”

    William Fellows
    451 Research