Imagine Virtually Anywhere

Allow creative professionals to work with anyone, anywhere, using any application – even 3D apps – without sending massive data files back and forth.

Artists can instantly share high definition dailies and collaborate with remote studios or work from home – efficiently and securely.


Facilitate Collaboration

Support postproduction, visual effects, and animation artists with remote access to the processing power they need.

They can share files and take advantage of new applications and other digital resources from your secure datacenter. Or, you can set up remote workstations on project sites to facilitate on-site collaboration.

Share Dailies Instantly

Transmit full HD video over LANs and WANs to share dailies without arduous file uploads or expensive physical media shipping. Watch dailies in native playback without compromising pixel color values due to compression.

Protect Intellectual Property

Zero clients access the computing power in the datacenter. The datacenter transmits “pixels only” across a standard IP network to clients. In essence, your data never leaves the datacenter.

No one can hack into local files to steal ideas or reveal secrets, because they do not exist.

Make the Entire System Easier and Cheaper to Manage

With high performance, remote 3D computing, you can consolidate SANs, render farms and all other computing resources. Even if a production house has multiple offices and many remote contractors, you can support all of them from a central facility — providing dramatic savings in equipment, logistics and support costs.

You no longer need to support remote locations with servers, file systems and applications – and you eliminate synchronization issues between local storage and remote file servers




Case Studies

    Industrial Light & Magic

    equips creative professionals with full- fidelity remote computing. read more

    Zoic Studios

    instantly mobilizes teams, increases security and creates a better studio environment. read more

  • “…our artists can achieve 100% color matching and take advantage of full-HD, lossless imaging over affordable IP networks.”

    Kevin Clark,
    Director of Engineering,
    Industrial Light & Magic

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  • “They were pretty amazed because they couldn’t tell the difference at all [long distance remoting over the WAN between studio locations].”

    Saker Klippsten,
    Head of Engineering,
    Zoic Studios

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