Healthcare Solutions

Physicians and care providers can have access to vital information, anytime and anywhere – helping save lives and improve quality of care – all while increasing the security of patient information and reducing IT costs.


Improve quality of care

Teradici PCoIP enables healthcare professionals to:

  • Collaborate remotely on pre- and post-operative cases
  • Easily view echocardiograms, CT scans and any other visual diagnostic studies
  • Connect with regional specialists centers or even provide international care
  • Enjoy fast and secure access to their roaming desktops from any location with a simple tap of their access card or ID badge without stopping a session

from anywhere in or outside your organization.

Secure patient data

Teradici PCoIP protocol processes the entire computing experience at the datacenter and transmits it ‘pixels only’ across a standard IP network to stateless PCoIP-enabled desktop devices – meaning your patient information never leaves the datacenter – making them intrinsically the most secure client end points available today.

Physicians, nurses, and specialists can work with the data anywhere on the network, but they cannot retain or copy it. 

Minimize IT costs & complexity

PCoIP technology enables you to make patches, upgrade software and deploy new desktops easily and quickly no matter how remotely located – all from a single integrated platform.

With no need to constantly upgrade, both Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients radically reduce hardware management & maintenance costs, making them the lowest cost for the highest performance client device available today. And, you can easily manage all your Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients with PCoIP Management Console, which provides IT administrators with a single web-based console for simplified management and configuration of their deployment.

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Uncompromised quality of graphics

Olivier Favre
Director of Server
Solutions, Teradici

Mohamed Jivraj
Product Manager

Guest Speaker:
Mahesh Neelakanta
Product Manager
Director, Technical
Services Group
College of Engineering
& Computer Science
Florida Atlantic

Recorded on: Tuesday, Apr 30, 2013 -12pm EST/9am PST
Audience: IT Professionals
Duration: 1 hour

Looking to remote workstation experiences for employees who need high quality graphics performance, including full multi-monitor and video support?

Don’t miss this upcoming webinar to find out:

  • How financial services organizations, schools, media and entertainment and computer aided design/engineering companies can benefit from remote graphics deployments
  • How the AMD FirePro™ R5000 remote graphics, featuring the TERA2240, can deliver high quality graphics without compromise, anywhere on the corporate network
  • How Florida Atlantic University is able to meet its energy saving goals and deliver a robust computing experience for its students
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How to Manage Zero Clients - PCoIP Management Console

Teradici PCoIP​ Zero Clients

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