PCoIP Optimized Thin Clients

PCoIP Optimized Thin Clients allow network managers to balance performance, security and flexibility. Choose the appropriate optimized thin client for a variety of end-user purposes. PCoIP Optimized Thin Clients implement PCoIP features while taking advantage of thin client processing capabilities.

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  • Dell Wyse 5010 PCoIP Optimized Thin Client Based on Dell Wyse ThinOS firmware and with no attack surface, the new Dell Wyse 5010 PCoIP Optimized Zero Client is completely immune to viruses and ...

  • Dell Wyse 3030 LT PCoIP Thin Client The Wyse 3030 LT is a highly secure thin client with excellent multimedia capabilities and essential protocol and peripheral support including optiona ...

    Includes an enabled Trusted Program Module (TPM) chip supported by select configurations with ThinOS only.
  • Dell Wyse 5060 PCoIP Optimized Thin Client The Wyse 5060 Thin client leverages Dell Wyse ThinOS and is  easy to manage and highly scalable.  The 5060  is Wifi enabled and has&nbs ...

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