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Teradici technology and products provide best-in-class security and a superior user experience in cloud computing. Our PCoIP technology is delivered as a key ingredient for remote workstation access, desktop-as-a-service, virtual desktop infrastructures and secure zero client end points. The PCoIP portfolio includes products that differentiate your value proposition, boost your profitability and help you grow as you equip customers with virtual computing.


Fulfill the promise of the cloud

The Teradici Registered Reseller Program equips value-added resellers, consultants, system integrators, and MSPs with the technology, tools, and training necessary to represent and sell PCoIP technology effectively to end customers. It’s time to take advantage of the fast growing opportunities, resources and incentives available when you partner with Teradici. Join our program for expertise in remote workstation, desktop virtualization and solutions designed to accelerate cloud computing.

“The goal of our channel programs is to add tremendous value to our partners’ businesses and the solutions they bring to their customers.”
Dan Cordingley, Founder and CEO, Teradici

To join the Teradici Registered Reseller Program, please complete our online application. A Teradici representative will review your information and reply within seven business days.

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What can you expect as a Teradici partner?

 Registered Resellers
Simple and fast onboarding Yes
Deal registration discounts Yes
Online interactive sales training modules & complimentary training webinars Yes
Additional training delivery methods available
Pre-sales support Yes
Qualified sales leads Yes, for approved partners. Sales training completion is required.
Not for Resale (NFR) discounts Yes
Valuable selling tools and competitive positioning Yes
Turn-key, co-brandable marketing campaigns and content assets Yes
Reseller Partner listing on website Yes
Co-marketing opportunities – such as webinars, blogs or success stories Yes
Marketing development funds and marketing support Yes, for approved partners
Technical support Yes


Teradici Product Portfolio

Teradici PCoIP Hardware Accelerator

The only product of its kind, the Teradici PCoIP® Hardware Accelerator enhances VMware® Horizon™ performance. The card is installed in a data center server to reduce CPU peaks and increase VDI consolidation ratios by up to 2x. By dynamically offloading up to 100 of the most active displays, a robust and consistent user experience is delivered at all times.

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“The complete solution, with accelerators, makes it possible to consolidate a lot of endpoints on each server. Now, in almost all VDI cases, we include the Teradici PCoIP Hardware Accelerator card.”
Brigitte Allis, Head of Sales, Campus Computersysteme GmBH

Teradici PCoIP Remote Workstation Card

Harness the power of high-end towers, blade servers or rack workstations by converting them into a workstation that delivers high-end images to any remote location. Available for dual and quad display, the PCoIP Remote Workstation PCIe card plugs into the workstation, connects to the graphics card, and securely streams pixels, audio and USB over the network.

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“With the Teradici PCoIP Remote Workstation Solution, our workstations are more secure and flexible, providing an increased level of IT support, better efficiency and productivity for our staff.”
Per Nordqvist, IT Service Delivery Manager, Toyota Motorsport GmbH

Teradici PCoIP Management Console

PCoIP Management Console is a ‘light-touch’ solution that puts the power of PCoIP device management into the hands of IT administrators.  The software allows IT administrators to quickly and easily provision new devices, report on inventory, review metrics, configure settings, and update firmware from a single console. The PCoIP Management Console Enterprise Edition also includes Teradici Support and Maintenance for both the software and Alta or Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client firmware.

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"The Teradici PCoIP Management Console lets us manage everything through a single interface. Without it, we could never achieve our aggressive deployment goals."
Jorge Rodriguez, Manager of Systems Support and Datacenters, Integris Health

PCoIP Zero Clients Available Via Our OEM Ecosystem

PCoIP Zero Clients are the highest performance, most secure, and easiest to manage cloud computing end point, providing end-users a seamless experience. Available from top OEMs in the industry, PCoIP Zero Clients, allow IT to quickly scale and deliver a cost-effective, rich desktop computing experience.

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"VDI and zero clients have been a very positive wave of change throughout our operation, and it’s made us rethink how we can deliver services in the future."
Bruce Mager, Senior IT Architect, The Civil Service Superannuation Board

Teradici Product Support & Maintenance

With a Teradici Support & Maintenance package, your customer’s businesses will be protected from disruption and downtime while maximizing IT productivity. A support and maintenance subscription includes defined service levels, 24x7 support and product updates and upgrades.

Your customers will value access to PCoIP experts at Teradici. Attach Teradici Support & Maintenance to your sales of the PCoIP Hardware Accelerator and PCoIP Remote Workstation Card to help protect their business from downtime. Teradici Support & Maintenance is already included in the value of each subscription of Teradici software such as PCoIP Management Console.


Teradici’s portfolio of PCoIP products is available from the following distribution partners. For local assistance, please contact your Teradici sales representative or email sales@teradici.com.

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Select products are also available from the following direct reseller partners:

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