Other Campus Programs

At Teradici, we support emerging talent through partnering with several programs that enable high school students to work as part of a professional environment. In the past, we have participated in high school programs such as SHAD's Internship Program, as well as the Science without Borders Program.

Science without Borders Program

Teradici participates in the Science without Borders program through UBC and Douglas College International Education departments. This is a scholarship program funded by the Brazilian federal government with support from the private sector. The goal of this collaborative partnership is to increase student innovation through worldwide opportunities at post-secondary institutions and organizations.

Students in this program are in third and fourth year of University studying in areas of technology, engineering, science and human and environmental sciences. Teradici hosts these students offering full-time learning opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in a Canadian professional work environment.


SHAD’s mission is to provide transformational experiences that unleash the potential of exceptional youth. Focused on science, technology, engineering, math and innovation, SHAD works with Canada’s brightest youth, opening their minds and broadening their perspectives. One way SHAD accomplishes this is by introducing bright youth to the workplace, with the support of Canada’s leading companies.

The Teradici team helps develop this next generation of leaders, providing insight into future education and careers. For many SHAD August interns, it’s their first experience in the professional world, and an opportunity to build their networks, and their resumes. For Teradici, it’s an opportunity to engage our outstanding team members as mentors, and help build the talented workforce of tomorrow.

Other High School Programs

Teradici supports high school programs. We have partnered with the Delta School District in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area which provides the students with a unique opportunity to work in a professional environment. Teradici offers students current and relevant information about different career options in the technology industry, while getting a head start on their technical training.

Teradici is dedicated to investing in future talent through several student-focused programs. Our exciting growth and continuous success means that we are recruiting energetic students, co-ops and interns to help Teradici become the leader in the cloud-delivered workspace. You will have the unique opportunity to work as an integral part of a team and contribute value to a number of key projects. Teradici is looking for individuals who are innovative, self-motivated and eager to learn.

  • "A co-op term at Teradici was the highlight of my academic career so far. Working in a fast-paced interesting environment with energetic and knowledgeable engineers provided valuable industry experience. Teradici offered generous perks while balancing fun and productivity."

    Eric Sund,
    Past Co-op

  • “At Teradici I was treated as an employee rather than a paper filing intern which allowed me to experience working in a community and experience a wide range of the firmware development process through attending meetings and progress review sessions etc.”

    Noah Guld,
    SHAD Intern

  • “Beside all the technical learning I can affirm that I became a different person and I also changed my professional ideas about what I can do and learn.”

    Guilherme Rodrigues,
    Science without Borders Intern